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Joined: 25/09/2015
Location: Australia
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Posted: 05:51am 27 Nov 2019
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Hi All,

I'm wondering if someone on the forum here has figured out a way to save an entire thread into a single document?

I'm looking to build myself a Mad style inverter over Xmas and ideally I would like to save the whole Inverter PCBs thread into a PDF that I can read without wifi and search the whole document.

Admin Group

Joined: 05/06/2004
Location: Australia
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Posted: 06:09am 27 Nov 2019
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I can put this on my to do list if you like. Would be fairly straight forward, and only available to members.

"Treat the earth well, it was not given to you by your parents, it was lent to you by your children"

JAQ Software

Joined: 14/09/2005
Location: Australia
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Posted: 06:55am 27 Nov 2019
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Yes Glenn,

That would be great, I was thinking exactly the same recently .

Also , if we get an enquiry, say, from a newbie ,we could remember the thread ,or parts of it pertaining to their enquiry ,and direct them to the whole thread-one came up yesterday ,a newbie enquiring about wind genius and someone directed him to the F &P washing machine motor.  He could have had a whole thread on several of the projects you and most of us have done.

Goes for installing solar also
But the inverter thread that Ryan was talking about would open up a lot of interest, in just one continuous story ,parts, and "how-to" make it.  Testing could be another thread ..

Thanks again Glenn for your dedication to this world -read forum .

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