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Forum Index : Other Stuff : Hill climbing algorithm for MPPT-what happened?

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Posted: 11:22pm 18 Feb 2020
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Hi friends,

Shifting house I came across Glenn's contributions and from many others from many years back suggesting how the holy grail of MPPT could be solved.

Very much shortened and in pseudocode:

Set initial parameters
Read voltage, amps, RPM, etc.
Compare with what was before
If more energy or less energy is produced, then use PWM to adjust
Go back to "Read voltage ...."

At the same time those ideas were being floated, the chap with the cap doubler idea chimed in and caused perhaps the hill-climbing to be forgotten. Has anyone carried on with implementing this algorithm? Thanks.
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Posted: 07:12am 19 Feb 2020
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RPM ??  Is this a wind machine ?

All sorts of problems with mppt tracking on a wind turbine that you do not get with solar panels.

A much better idea is to measure wind speed with an anemometer, then use the wind speed to access a lookup table that sets the pwm and hence, optimum generator loading.

You need to adjust it initially of course.  Then for every possible wind speed, there will be an optimum setting of pwm. It cannot hunt, and correction will be very fast, and it will be stable in highly variable wind conditions.
Cheers,  Tony.
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