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Posted: 09:27pm 21 Apr 2020
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Sean and Sid has made a almost plug and play new screen with Wi-Fi for power Jack inverters

It allows you to view and make changes from anywhere

It has a bunch of programmable temp inputs

It also has lots of programmable fan
Outputs that control speed and temperature thay turn on and off

There are to many upgrades and new features for me to write here

Sid rewrote the programming to fix all the problems I think he is still working on the charging I could be wrong

Sean and Sid are good people Sid reminds me of the greats on here

Sean repairs powerjack inverters he has tons of videos on youtube

U can find all the info on Wi-Fi
on youtube

Just look up powerjack inverters Genetry solar

I like watching all his videos my be a little to simple for you guys

Ether way you guys will like the Wi-Fi

It is like the stuff you guys do it is so cool

Have a bless day everyone
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