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Joined: 22/02/2006
Location: Australia
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Posted: 04:50am 01 Aug 2020
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G'day Guy's,
           Well it aint too often when we visit the big green shed one gets to catch them on price but today I got them a beauty  

          I went in to get a 20kg bag of tile adhesive and saw some dunlop multipurpose mastic with a $15 price tag above it. So took one to the counter only to be charged $35 when I said there was a $15 price tag above it so thats all I'm paying.

          Went with an employee and showed her the price docket above the adhesive and she said well you can have it for $15 as this is our mistake      

          So happy as Larry I got one over them and with keen looking in the future it won't be the last.

Cheers Bryan

Joined: 03/06/2019
Location: Australia
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Posted: 09:55am 01 Aug 2020
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A few years back there was a display of Liquid nails Boxes on the floor.  Wanted some of that and when I looked I thought Bingo.
They had it priced as a 3 pack but someone put " 12 pack" on the sign. Grabbed a couple of boxes, went to the counter, girl says $150 or what ever,  I say no, it's XXX a box, no, yes, no, come and show me.  Older woman with an attitude walks over and points to one sign and says " Thats the price there, it's a 3 pack." I walked round to the other side and said, but I want these ones.

She came round saying it's all the same. I said not according to that! I grabbed another box and said actually, I'll take 3 and walked back to the counter with another one.

Grumble bum Tore the sign off, said that's a mistake.  I said your mistake not mine. Came back to the counter with the young girl waiting for instructions, grumpy said we'll have to give it to him for that but only one box. I said there is no limit posted anywhere, I'll take 3 or please go get the manager.
Grumpy argued, Daughter piped up and said this was the sign Dad, there is no limit on it and showed me the pic she had taken of the sign.  

I got the 3 Boxes of 12 at the price for 3 tubes each. Should have got 10 boxes!
Kept a box which did come in handy as the job I wanted it for took more than I thought and traded the other 2 Boxes to some tradie mates in exchange for some Jobs around the place.

At the local places there is a stand up the back they put clearance electrical Items on. Been there for well over a year and some of the things I have got off that have been real bargains. Light fittings, Dimmers, Rolls of Conduit, varios fittings like switches and outlets... Had a stack of Phillips LED bulbs a while back in various wattages from low to very high for $1 ea. Bought enough to replace every bulb in the place several times over and got enough for dads house as well and did all his Lights.  Still have a good Boxful up the back in bayonet and screw fittings. Never know what is going to fit what these days.  Got some good Portaflood Type LEDS as well which actually work really well in the light fittings I made for the kitchen Island out of 3 large stainless salad bowls. Between those, the under cupboard strip Lights and the Flushmount LEDS in the Ceiling, Our Kitchen is Brighter lit than the Kitchen in a TV studio cooking show.

Also picked up some really good assorted Torches and LED Lights. Bought some rechargeable LED spotlights that are like Flame throwers.  Gave one to dad who went out playing with it one night and the neighbour from half a KM  came round the next day asking what in the hell  Dad had used to shine in his windows and light the place up?

I always Look down the Aisles for the orange markdown Tags because the have some REALLY good markdowns at times.  Middle of the year with EOFY is generally the best but it was pretty slim pickings this year I found.

Mrs and I can NEVER walk out of that place with what we came for.  Can go in for a paint brush and walking out with ONLY $100 worth is a cheap trip. Then again, taking Dad there and only walking out with $3-400 with him and spending an hour there walking around is far from unusual.

NO, You are NOT buying another battery Chainsaw, Rattle gun or any more damn Batteries! Man is trying to get the whole AEG Collection ( with spares on some tools) and he's making significant inroads to the endeavour.   :0)
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