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Joined: 22/02/2006
Location: Australia
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Posted: 07:57am 22 Sep 2022
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G'Day Guy's,

Well my thoughts today how about a ground up way of making power after the grid goes down so what we need is a ground up solution.

Now when one works with copper it is a life addiction now with copper making the main ingredients for brass or with a few additives gun metal that is soft to machine and a durable material so these can be used for making the die.

After the smelting process the raw slab will be rough machined then go onto the cnc to make the molds, so basically a 1mm boundary and 0.5mm grid pattern then to connect the 10 plates that form a cell a capacitor discharge circuit can melt each plate together.

A matting material will be needed between the plates to form each cell group then put in series to form a 12 volt battery with after forming can reach a good
AH  reading. Then more can be made to make a system that will work to sustain one off the grid.

So thoughts on this process is needed or am I doing ground braking stuff just like my namesake Bryan in France.

Cheers Bryan
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