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Posted: 06:28am 10 Mar 2023
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This is actually quite interesting, I thought.
Some songs I thought were originals, are actually covers!
...probably should have realized that before now.

80 Songs And Their Covers
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Posted: 07:54am 10 Mar 2023
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I had a similar foray into this earlier in the year when that "on my knees and I'm begging yooooooo" song started appearing in every meme... found what I was after and also found it was original Frankie Vallie. good old google, having spied on what I was doing then started suggesting vids where some bald guy played excerpts of the cover(s) all the way back to their original.

The one that really blew my gourd was one that showed the main riff/melody/theme from Gnarles Barkley "Crazy" was actually from a spaghetti western with Terrence hill


was knicked for

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N4jf6rtyuw   a tiddly key-shift but un-mistakable

"nothing new under the sun" the old Jewish proverb says...
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