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Forum Index : Other Stuff : The left tries to cancel Pink Floyd and Roger Waters....

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Posted: 09:06am 08 Jun 2023
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Interesting video from Roger Waters.

Contains offensive language and political issues.

Let's Cancel Roger Waters for a performance he has been doing for decades...

The TOTAL inability for the mass media to understand that Roger is actually AGAINST all this sh*t, astounds me.  Way to completely miss the point, mass-media....

Roger is quite narcissistic himself, but I think the point is he making is a good and valid one.
Smoke makes things work. When the smoke gets out, it stops!


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Posted: 09:30am 08 Jun 2023
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I wonder if any of them even know what "the wall" was about? ... and as a solo effort, "Radio KAOS"

odd times
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Joined: 11/12/2020
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Posted: 11:05am 08 Jun 2023
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You can thank the social media sausage factory
no journalism required just bots spewing out what ever will create advertising views
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