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Posted: 11:09pm 19 Feb 2019
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Today I had this advert reported to me. I've covered a offensive word.

Now as I've mentioned in the past, I have told Google to block these types of adverts. But the way Google works, they sneak through. Basically google lets a advertiser claim their advert is for something safe, like clothing in this case, and then uses a picture with seductive click bait. Google doesn't check the adverts before they go online, and waits for complaints before taking action.

Point 1. I cant control this!
Point 2. Without google ads, the site will be shut down!

If you see a offensive advert, and yes, this one is in that category, please ignore it or report it to google, as I can not do anything. On the advert you should see a small X on the top right. Click on that, and you have a option to report the advert as being inappropriate. Google generally jump on these things quickly.

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