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Joined: 05/06/2004
Location: Australia
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Posted: 04:06am 04 Apr 2019
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Noticed the hackers have been very busy the last day trying to break the web site. The attacks are failing as far as I know, I'm getting lots on SQL injection attempts. The thing with hackers, its easy to spot the bad ones, its the clever ones you need to worry about, because they leave no trace and you have no idea they have broken in.

So just a timely reminder. The password you use to access this forum should not be used for anything else! Use separate passwords for social media like this and important stuff, like your computer password or banking, etc. If someone were to hack this site and steel your password, then the most damage they could do is post a message as you on this forum.

All this forum knows about you is your forum username, your country and your email address, and a encrypted password. Not worth anything to a hacker, unless you use the same email and password for something else.

People say 2020 is a terrible year, with the bush fires, COVID 19, and riots. But I see it as the year we woke up to ourselves.

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Keith Johnson

Joined: 25/04/2019
Location: Australia
Posts: 4
Posted: 01:04am 27 Apr 2019
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If a Hacker wants to steal my life he is welcome.
It wont do him much good.
If someone tried to send messages in my name they would have to be much grumpier than I for fold to notice.

But yes I should look at the passwords I use.
Like most of us I take the path of least resistance when choosing them.

My employer insist that we change our password every 30 days
A bit of a challenge for an old bloke
Do you start again when you get to "password99"

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