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Notice. New forum software under development. It's going to miss a few functions and look a bit ugly for a while, but I'm working on it full time now as the old forum was too unstable. Couple days, all good. If you notice any issues, please contact me.

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Posted: 05:23am 21 Aug 2019
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  BrianP said  F.Y.I.

Just tried to preview a reply to a post & received this...

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 70517480 bytes) in \TheBackShed\forum\includes\common.php on line 341

No drama - the reply was saved & posted OK. This post previewed Ok also.


Hey Brian, so that was only when you went to Preview the post?

"If it dont fit, use a bigger hammer."

The Back Shed
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Posted: 07:23am 21 Aug 2019
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Posted: 11:35am 21 Aug 2019
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Glenn. Something to think about when you are not busy

There have been a few comments made by members on the Status given to them by the Forum, which I assume is based solely on the number of posts we have made.

I for one, are not really comfortable with the "Guru" status I have been assigned.

I wonder, if in our profile, there could be a drop down box or something where we could select a more appropriate Status if we so desired.

I for one, would be happy with "Regular Member".

Just thinking......Not a real issue

Keep up the good work.

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