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Posted: 07:24pm 07 Jan 2016
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Yesterday I lost my best friend. After a 8 month struggle with cancer, Nelly the dog lost the battle and passed peacefully in the back seat of my car behind the vet surgery, with me by her side, my head against hers.

She was a great dog, raised from a puppy and very devoted to me. Just over 11 years we had together. I get great comfort from the fact she passed peacefully and quickly, close to the one she loved and who loved her in return. I only hope when its my time to go, ridiculous religious beliefs will no longer have a say in how and when I choose to die, and I can go as quickly as my beloved Nelly.

People say 2020 is a terrible year, with the bush fires, COVID 19, and riots. But I see it as the year we woke up to ourselves.

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