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Forum Index : Price Watch : Big chokes 31 bucks

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Joined: 16/02/2019
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Posted: 02:02am 06 May 2019
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This is not my ad

I bought some capacitors off this guy

now I'm buying a couple of these to make a bigger choke for my 10000 watt China board and the other one for the power Jack

This guy bought out a inverter company that went under so all these parts were originally bought for inverters

Oh yeah and since I bought two of them he sold them to me a little bit cheaper 41 bucks for two of them

I'm not sure if these are ferrite or not they're kind of heavy

Not laminated definitely ferrite

He has a lot of other miscellaneous inverter Parts also that he sells on eBayEdited by BenandAmber 2019-05-17
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