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░░         WORK IN PROGRESS H7  
░░                Please don't reply to thread       ░░░░

Armmite H7 5.07.02 Beta 2 - In Progress

Added delay in USBKEYBOARD handling of CAPS/NUM/SCROLL Lock to fix LEDs on keyboard no lighting. see https://www.thebackshed.com/forum/ViewTopic.php?TID=17037


Armmite H7 5.07.02 Beta 1 - Release
Fix for GUI PAGE
Fix for CWD$

Armmite H7 5.07.02 Beta 0 - Release
This release combines the previous updates from Peter (@matherp) and changes I have been adding to the ArmmiteH7 over some time, mainly to support the 100 pin STM32H743VIT6 boards. Also added commands so I could use Tom's (@thwill) unit testing code. Also includes various new functionality from the Picomites.

Armmite H7 User Manual
A new consolided Armmite H7 manual has been created with details of all enhancements and contains some other improvement/corrections.(see change log section in the manual for list of changes.) The footer of each page has the page number on both the left and right margins so one will survive if the manual is printed and bound.

Firmware and Manual
The attached zip contains the ArmmiteH743 5.07.02b0 firmware, the matching Armmite H7 User Manual and the updated ARMH7CFunction.h header file.

Armmite H7 Manual.pdf

Source Code and License
Geoff has agreed to open-source the firmware on Github with the same licensing as the PicoMite. I will post source on GitHub once I have updated all the source files with the appropriate headers.

Recap of changes already in Peter's 5.07.01 Beta 0
This is summary of changes already included in the 5.07.01 Beta 0 release.
More speed improvements plus

new commands and sub-commands

The following functions

and one more operator

Support for STM32H743VIT6 100pin WeAct and DevEbox boards
The H7 binary from 5.07.02 beta 0 onward supports both the 144 and 100 pin chips.
The STM32H743VIT6 100 pin board from WeAct Studio is now supported
The STM32H743VIT6 100 pin board from DevEBox is now supported

Due to the reduced number of pins available the following restrictions apply to the 100 pin boards:
The CAMERA command and MOVEMENT() function are not supported.
The high speed count pin is not available.
SPI3 is not supported.

The following restrictions are due to functions sharing pins, so they are mutually exclusive:
PWM 2D and COM2 RX share pin 25 so ony one is available at any time.
SPI2 shares pins 42,43 and 44 with the 16 bit parallel displays SSD1963 and so is not available if a 16 bit parallel LCDPANEL is configured.

These issues in 5.07.01 Beta 0 are addressed
These were discovered while testing the above development and have been resolved.

CSUB -updated header file CFunction.h
Fix uSec() function in CSUB code, Timer() function same as CMM2 on tim16

Allow CSUBs with no parameters
PEEKRANGE adjusted to include SRAMBASE to SRAMEND as is used by vartab and now will allow PEEK and POKE to Variables.

Fixes bug in ON KEY keyno,int where it was not included in CheckInterrupts
COM1 was setting COM10 flag in lieu of COM1
Fixes bug in day$(now) function
Running from commandline now creates Hash table so SUBs and Functions can be found.
OPEN COM1:9600,INV is sticky.Once INV is set it is not cleared when COM is closed. Fixed by clearing as part of setupuart()
Recovered SPRITE token. SPRITE was previously merged with BLIT but token was still being allocated.

Fixed issue with HUMID and WS2812 causing a recursive REPLACE in BITBANG WS2812 and BITBANG HUMID.
Fixed issue where Print "HEX$(13)=" would translate to Print "BASE$(16,13)="

Changes to FILE command to properly deal with relative paths from a sub-directory
Fixed issue where MM.INFO(FILE SIZE file) would only work the first time, i.e. not twice in a row without doing FILES
Fixed issue where FILES command would give error 'PATH NOT FOUND' when run from a Sub Directory.

Processgps() called when in commandline mode so GPS output can be displayed on console.

New or enhanced commands and functions etc.

Error message now covers possibility of invalid DISPLAYTYPE i.e. error("Argument count or display type")
Error Message increased to 64 chars as per CMM2
ADC OPEN command updated so that if invalid pins are supplied will not leave ADC partially configured.
Writing to FLASH now allows 3 attempts before failure is reported as per the CMM2
IC2 and I2C2 pins now available in MMBasic if I2C not being used as per CMM2
LIBRARY Commands added
MEMORY command shows more detail
Command Buffer and command editing added when at command prompt as per picomite.
Command Buffer and editing also available when OPTION LCDPANEL CONSOLE is used.
UPDATE SOFTWARE command removed.
CWD$ function now returns A:/ in lieu of :/ i.e. drive letter now included.

BACKLIGHT PWM drive now provided for non SSD1963 displays.
Pin xx on 144 pin device and Pin xx on 100 pin devices.

BACKLIGHT command enhanced.
The backlight brightness is now set based on the Option.Brightness setting. It is now defaulted to 50%. The value stored in Option.Brightness is changed by an optional parameter on the BACKLIGHT command.
The option DEFAULT will update the default value which is then used at any future restarts or power ups.
The option REVERSE  will also set the default value which is then used at any future restarts or power ups, but will also indicate that the backlight is to produce the reverse order for brightness. i.e. 0-100 produces a 100-0 output. This can be used to correct the brightness progression where the backlight driver of a particular display expects a reverse pwm signal and would otherwise show 100% as OFF and 0% and ON.The Option.DefaultBrightness will show in Option List if any display is configured.

FONT command does not now change the Prompt Font when OPTION LCDPANEL CONSOLE is enabled. Use OPTION LCDPANEL CONSOLE font to change the Prompt Font used by the console.

MM.INFO$(CONSOLE) will return "NOCONSOLE" or "CONSOLE" depending on setting of OPTION LCDPANEL [CONSOLE|NOCONSOLE]. Allows a program to know if LCDPanel is being used as the console.

MM.INFO(BACKUP) will return the start address of the 4K Battery backed ram. i.e
               &H38800000. This can be used via PEEK and POKE

Added support for additional Displays
ILI9488               SPI 480*320
SSD1963_5ER_16        5" SSD1963 from EastRising (Requires BGR in lieu of RGB)
IPS_4_16              4" IPS 800*480 based on either OTM8009A or NT35510 chip
                     Can be used as console, but suitable hardware scrolling is not                                              
                     supported so is slower that the SSD1963 displays.
SSD1963_4            now uses Buffered driver with 8 bit bus for refresh.
SSD1963_5+           8 bit drivers only use 8 bits so PE8-PE15 available.
ILI9341_8            is the only 8 bit LCD which reserves all 16 bits PE0-15

These recent fixes/enhancements from CMM2 and Picomite included

DISPLAY_TYPE variable added to prevent partial configuration of invalid OPTION LCDPANEL

Fixes bug that added an extra space after a REM command each time the program was edited.
Fixed reporting the line of an error when goto/gosub to a line number is used.
Fixed issue where ERROR in subroutine called by Interrupt appears in calling line (as fixed in CMM2)
Fixed issue with ON ERROR when calling GOSUB with invalid label. (@Thwill reported)
Fixed issue with ON ERROR when calling Function with wrong type. (@Thwill reported)
Fixed bug in PWM timings as per CMM2
Fixes a bug where LINE INPUT would not read the last line in a file if it was not terminated with a CR
Fixed issue in GPS receipt (from Picomite) where the first read of GPS(DATE) may give an incorrect answer,also updated to use double precision in calculations.
Fix for ERASE var not recovering memory for array and string variables. (as per picomite)

LONGSTRING TRIM command now allows TRIM to remove the whole buffer. Previously would not allow a value equal to the length of the buffer that would trim the whole buffer.0 also allowed which does not change the string.

POKE DISPLAY command [,data1] [,data2] [,datan]
MATH (CRC8,CRC12,CRC16,CRC32 .... ) function added as per Picomite
OPTION ESCAPE to allow escaping when entering special characters added.
OPTION FnKey for programmable 63 character F1,F5-F9 added.
MM.INFO(LINE) returns a string of line number as for Picomite.

Enhanced READ command -The command can now take arrays as a parameter.
Enhanced RESTORE command -The command can now take a variable as a parameter.
READ SAVE and READ RESTORE added as per PicoMite.
INTERRUPT [myint] -Added as per PicoMite
Added Interrupt ie CSubComplete to CFunctions
Allow  CFunction calls to CFunInt1-4 from COUNT1-4 pins
EXECUTE      -Added
* RUN shortcut i.e. *TEST is shortcut for RUN "TEST.BAS" -Added
RUN,parameter Added. Sets MM.CMDLINE$
OPTION KEYBOARD nn [,capslock] [,numlock] [repeatstart] [repeatrate]
SETPIN pinno,CIN [,option]      -Added as per PicoMite
SETTICK PAUSE, myint [,tickno]  -Added
SETTICK RESUME, myint [,tickno] -Added

AUTOSAVE can now be terminated by entering Control-Z or F1 which will then cause the received data to be transferred into program memory overwriting the previous program. Use F2 to exit and immediately run the program.

GUI ACTIVATE for TextBox now allows accepts # and works with GUI Interrupt enabled.
OPTION LIST now includes Device and MMBasic Version as first line of printout.

Enhancements/fixes from picomite 5.07.08b3+
Now creates MM.CMDLINE$ in editor if exit is via F2 as per Picomite
Fixed bug where using EXECUTE in a program that has been AUTORUN crashes the system.
Fix for RUN command when OPTION AUTORUN is set as per Picomite
Fix minor bug in CALL command  as per Picomite
Fix minor bug in CALL function as per Picomite
Fix error when EXECUTE command is run from command prompt as per Picomite

MID$ command now allows replacement of different length string
INSTR function now optionally allows Regex expression as search string
LINSTR function now optionally allows Regex expression as search string
REGEX uses different library. GPL licence incompatable.

BITBANG WS2812 W, pin, nbr, value%[()] now supports SK6812 RGBW Leds
Update LCD to BITBANG LCD as per F4 and accept LCD,WS2812,BITSTREAM,HUMID
PAGE now GUI PAGE but still accepts PAGE

Using \\000 and \&00 (OPTION ESCAPE) give error message as per picomites

Removed command TURTLE as GPL licence incompatable with STM32 licence

To Do

Bug where labels etc which are 32 characters are not found.

Removed MM.INFO(DISK SIZE) as it causes reboot  ?????? -check on 100 and 144 pin
Removed MM.INFO(FREE SPACE) as it causes reboot ?????? -check

multi line comments /*   */

SYNC command ?
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