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Forum Index : Price Watch : eBay 120W Solar Panels

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Joined: 31/10/2012
Location: Australia
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Posted: 08:03pm 13 Feb 2013
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Hey Glenn and Other Forum Dwellers,
I've been a long time lurker of several years, unfortunately I've never had anything to really contribute to the discussion. The amount of information and the ingenuity you and your members have contributed is fantastic. Keep up the great work Glenn!

Anyway back to the reason for this post. This afternoon I've seen an advert on ebay for 120W solar panels for $79.99 inc postage and handling. It sounded way too good to be true to me but I thought I could play guinea pig and let you know how I go.

Here is the link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Key-Solar-Poly-120W-Solar-Panel-H ome-Power-Generator-/271155635129?pt=AU_Solar&hash=item3f222 2a3b9#ht_3035wt_1160

I have no affiliation with this seller and do not receive any benefits from the sale of these panels, etc, etc.

I've ordered two, if these panels do rock up then I'll let you know. I'll also be posting back to ask advice in setting up a small off-grid system in my shed using these panels and 2nd hand UPS batteries.


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Update: 22/02/13

Hi Guys,
I received my panels today. I'll do you a trade, I'll show you the photos if you can tell me if they are any good :)

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Update 23/02/13

I did some very brief tests on both the panels this morning
Time: 9:00AM
Conditions: Cloudless Sky, Panels in full sun and angled directly facing the sun
Ambient Temperature: 27.5C
Panel Temperature: ~40C
Open Circuit Voltage: ~40V
Short Circuit Current: 6.6A??? (when I reversed the polarity the multimeter complained of over limit)

Just a note that these panels did not come with the "BONUS! 5m cable & alligator clamps" or the "BONUS! Protective carry case".

I've contacted the seller regarding the amperage specification printed on the back of the panels not matching his advert. I've also queried the missing items (which to me sound like a typo using text taken from and advert for folding camping style panels).

I'll update this post further when I receive a response.

Finally,I'll be starting a new topic under the solar section about the panel use.

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Update 1/3/13
The seller got back to me, it is obviously a scripted response and doesn't really address the missing parts or the differing specification. They have provided me the following options:

1. If
the damage is not likely to affect the way you use the item, we're able to
offer a 10% partial refund to cover the damage if you wish to hold onto
your existing item

2. If you prefer, we can forward replacement parts
for you to fit. Of course, should there be any problem fitting the parts or
there are still problems with the item after fitting the parts then we'll
be able to arrange to get the item picked up for return to our technicians
so they can service or replace the item. Parts orders usually take 6-8
weeks for delivery.

3. We can get the item picked up and returned for
replacement. This would require the item to be packed up again for return
shipping. When it arrives back and has been inspected by our technician one
of the warehousing staff will be able to arrange send out of a replacement
for you.

4. We can get the item picked up so that a full refund can be
given under our Satisfaction Guarantee System. This would require the item
to be packed up again for return shipping. When it arrives back and has
been inspected by our technician, one of our staff members will be able to
arrange a refund for your item.

I replied simply, please send me the missing items or provide me with the partial refund. The truth is I'm not that fussed about the missing parts or that the specs don't match. What gets me a bit fiery is that they still haven't corrected their advert even after its been brought to their attention!
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Final Update 26/4/2013

Just a quick note:
I am not unhappy with these panels, I apologise if it came across this way. I did not contact the seller hoping to get a refund or anything like that. I simply wanted them to fix their advert so it was not misleading:
- The specifications listed on the panel do not match the specifications table they pictured on the advert.
- When I ordered I fully expected that I was not going to receive the bonus carry bag and leads because this is not designed to be a portable panel and those inclusions are only common for the portable folding panels.

I never raised or intended to raise an ebay dispute but from their responses it seemed very much like they were just biding their time until the 45 day dispute window was up.

Anyway it doesn't really matter anymore, the seller did eventually update their advert with the correct specs and removed the "bonus" items. The seller doesn't appear to be selling these panels anymore so this post can probably be removed.

ShannonEdited by Shaz_Au 2013-04-27
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