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Forum Index : EV's : Hall sensors on the washing machine motor

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Joined: 16/02/2019
Location: Belarus
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Posted: 09:23am 16 Feb 2019
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Hello everyone.
I want to make a potter's wheel. Motor is from the washing machine direct drive. I think this is progressive.
I have rewired the windings, the motor is running and the powerful torque makes me happy. But not completely. Because without halls, my controller does not work correctly. And the torque can be more with halls. How to place these hall sensors, I do not know.

Therefore, I ask for help. If possible, explain the principle of the installation of sensors. I know a little theoretically that the halls should be installed at the beginning of each phase.
Winding from here Winding from here
my configuration 36Pole 6X2C
Please, show me in the picture where to put these three halls!

This topic is a duplicate, it must be removed. Why it happened I do not know.
Please forgive me)))Edited by Serheibrest 2019-02-18
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