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Posted: 06:46am 23 Dec 2019
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Dale like the black quad ( https://www.thebackshed.com/forum/ViewTopic.php?PID=142972#142972 ) that I converted to electric drive. Marcy claimed it though. I had another quad in the shed I had bought (many years ago too) for the purpose of electrifying it. I got it cheap because it was so badly abused and motor not running. I gave it to Dale, said he can do the conversion.

Dale got to it right away. Every spare minute was going hard on this conversion. Dale is good at mechanics, machining, fabricating, welding (metal and plastic welding), and general being able to think things through, design and create something.

I helped with a few things here and there. Dale had not done upholstery before so I had to help in creating the new cover and Marcy sewed it up. Some lathe and mill assistance, Dale did the machining. Some assistance in getting the swing arm aligned to the mud guards. A little assistance in wiring diagram reading to make sure that was correct, and check it over before power is turned on.

Dale was much better at taking photos along the journey too.
Here is a snapshot.

First drive of course. You have to drive it without finishing it!

Back to work.

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Trev @ drivebynature.com
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