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Forum Index : EV's : Bafang BBSHD motors and what-not

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Joined: 02/02/2017
Location: Australia
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Posted: 07:02am 05 Oct 2021
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Finally bit the bullet and bought a BBSHD motor and 48V 20AH battery to go with it.
It's probably common knowledge that it's an easy fit to most bikes and it was 3 hours
later and it's on the road.

Most if not all new stock sold is "52 Volts"
Programming the operating parameters is easy with a special cable or make your own
The 52V unit shows incorrect battery capacity when using a 48V battery - and there is no simple way to tell it to think it's a 48V battery via the display unit.


Downgrading firmware to something a bit older fixes the wrong battery capacity issue.

Also, this previous f/w fixes a very annoying thing which is the reduction to 1/2 power
when the battery capacity drops below something or other. In my case it was when
it went below 50V. This is not good at all with the 48V pack.
I was looking at 1/2 power for about 1/2 of the 20 Ah battery's capacity. Boring.
The old f/w lets you use full power all the way down to about 41V LV cut-off or whatever you choose it to be. This is much better.

very good motor, strong, quiet, clean, well suited for the nominal 1000W output.
Easy to fit to a bike.
A lot of fun. It gets me and my fat arse up any hill and I live in the Dandenongs
which has many hills 10 or 20% gradients. No overheating problems
A robust motor for the hills.

Programming new firmware is easy to do.
Firmware Update Controller 1-5.zip has all you need. It worked fine with my Win10 laptop but I needed to program it at 19,200 baud.

Anyone here also got a Bafang motor on their bike?
wronger than a phone book full of wrong phone numbers


Joined: 25/06/2022
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 10:55pm 29 Jan 2023
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I got 500W 36V. Used a program and usb to adjust parameters.
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