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Forum Index : EV's : Autonomous driving- doing my bit

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Posted: 01:29pm 23 Oct 2017
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After having driven self steering tractors and combine harvesters for almost two decades, I am getting a bit twitchy waiting for automotive driver assist functions to get into the public on mass. My first one was a windows98 box running a touchscreen monitor and differential GPS in an old Toyota landcruiser towing a boomsprayer in 1999.

I have decided that because I am a sucker for a cause I will collect driving data for a small startup company doing AI machine learning.
I dont have a car with lanekeeping or adaptive cruise control so there is no point collecting the cars canbus data but I can use their dashcam software to record my journeys on our scruffy Australian roads.

The hardware for this is not much, a mobile phone with some heatsinks and a fan stuck to the back and a small pcb all jammed together in a 3d printed case.

the software is an app called Chffrplus running on the EON dashcam devkit

photo: comma.ai

I do get some benefit
-the EON unit can run other apps like waze and spotify
-dashcam footage
-points towards some new tech goodies if something cool happens.

Hope they like footage of dirt roads and roadtrains
I'm confused, no wait... maybe I'm not...
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