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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : WIP: CMM2 NES Emulator

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Posted: 07:34pm 05 Aug 2020
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I have the same view as you regarding this. CSUB's are nice, but yeh, not "BASIC". This project was more of a "can it be done?" and "proof of concept" project. Plus it helped me learn a lot about the CMM2 in the process, which you pointed out; for the journey.

So yeh, I think i'll post the latest source code and put it on the backburner for now. Of course if anyone wishes to fiddle with it, tear it apart, use it in other projects, whatever, they're free to do so.


FIXES in version 0.0.2a:
Sprites work now.
Controls input something but hard to tell what going on as its so slow.
Couple logic issues fixed.

I think theres a bug in the CPU still, but again, hard to tell without faster operation.
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