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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : Hunt the Wumpus game

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William Leue

Joined: 03/07/2020
Location: United States
Posts: 379
Posted: 03:53pm 20 Aug 2020
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Here is one of the games I have finished writing. It is based on the original Hunt the Wumpus game from the early 1970's, a classic BASIC game.

Mine produces much the same text and has the same basic structure as the original game, but I took the liberty of adding a graphic map to help guide the player. The map is mostly blank at the start but gradually fills in with room numbers and hazard indicators as the player explores.

I hope you enjoy it! Post replies if you find bugs.



Senior Member

Joined: 08/05/2020
Location: United States
Posts: 296
Posted: 06:36pm 20 Aug 2020
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It's a classic!!!  I'm glad to see the Wascally Wumpus is still up to no good!


Joined: 13/08/2020
Location: Canada
Posts: 301
Posted: 04:38pm 22 Aug 2020
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Yay. I think Hunt the Wumpus was the first game I successfully got working from a type in (on an HP-85 typed in from David Ahl's Basic Computer book!).
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