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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : What has happened to the CMM2 on this board.

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Joined: 17/05/2016
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Posted: 01:12pm 08 Nov 2021
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To me the biggest incremental value for the hobby electronics world has been wifi. I don't wish to take away from the wonder that is MMBasic, but the thing it most lacks now for me is integrated wifi.

Most of my electronics playing is done with MMBasic devices, but if I want to add something to my home automation/monitoring system, evolved over the course of 20 years, what I reach for is Annex on the ESP8266 or ESP32, because not only can I stick it in place and get readings sent to my data accumulation device, I can modify the basic program that it is running over the air from a browser. I could even update the firmware over the air (though I've never done that, and for what I need, likely never will).

Incidentally, I'm more of a bit-twiddler than a games player (and certainly never a game designer--too old when the capabilities first hit the market), so for me, the CMM2 has always been something where I'll look for what other people are doing with it.

Meanwhile, I'm very appreciative of Moore's Law, and look forward to whatever goodies it drops in my lap (literally) in the future.

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Posted: 12:27am 17 Nov 2021
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  epsilon said  This thread feels like I'm back in school explaining why I didn't do my homework ('I was busy making demos!').

Ha ha - Yes, this is what I thought to. So here's my turn. Covid has hammered my company over the last 18 months. The way the industry is just now, companies are all wary of investing in long term projects (my normal bread and butter). I'm spending a lot of time just trying to help clients stay in business, and maybe eek out a few shekels for myself. Don't worry, I'm doing fine - but I'm working all of the hours just trying to keep bills paid. I have no doubt that things will recover, but for the time being I'm just weathering the storm.

I keep thinking longingly of my CMM2 and all of the projects I desperately want to do on it - but I have to make a conscious effort to put those tempting thoughts aside and do mundane, (hopefully) paid work.

I am eager to get back in to it. It still gives me a raw thrill. Something about the instant boot up, and just being able to start programming away without referencing libraries etc. Even the other day I caught myself thinking of what a kick-arse remake of Star-Raiders I could do on the CMM2, but had to literally push it from my mind.

Hopefully this Christmas I'll reward myself for surviving the year by making the side-ways beat 'em up that I promised myself I'd write next.
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