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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : pointless picomite/ILI9341 demo: autumn in canada

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Joined: 07/09/2016
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 10:20am 26 Nov 2021
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  PeteCotton said  
Yeah - I don't get his/her line of thought.

sometimes, the irrational snobberies in tech (language/CPU/Bits etc...) makes me feel like


Joined: 18/11/2011
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 03:42pm 26 Nov 2021
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  scruss said  
  JohnS said  What did you try that didn't?

Just tried "mmbasic code" on google.ca.

Top hit: https://circuitgizmos.com/projects/microboard-micromite-projects/mmbasic-code-library/

Click on any of the examples: There has been a critical error on this website

Second: https://mmbasic.com/ - it's a description site with links to where you can download the interpreter. Examples? None.

Third hit is Geoff's site.

Pretty much everything below that is spam. Something I wrote on my blog that basically says "MMBasic is available on the Raspberry Pi Pico" (so no real content) appears just below cmm2.fun

I don't want the source code to MMBasic, I want to see and show off what it can do.

That shows how google returns very different results for the same search by different people.

Apparently it thinks it knows what you want but is wrong.

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Joined: 17/05/2016
Location: United States
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Posted: 03:58pm 26 Nov 2021
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  scruss said  It would be nice if there were an archive/demo showcase of MMBasic code somewhere.

I have to admit that I never followed this link before, but in the "Microcontroller and PC projects" section of thebackshed, under "Sticky Topics", after clicking "Micromite MMBasic Library(s)", the second link, "Community driven MMBasic wiki", takes you to fruitoftheshed, "_MMBasic Code Library" section. Clicking "All Pages" gives many entries.

The second post there (just created) also has links.
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