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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : FAST DISPLAY on MMX144 with BUFFER RAM

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Joined: 30/03/2018
Location: France
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Posted: 01:33pm 10 Jan 2022
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Hi All, Hi Matherp
Few years ago, i tried fast display on MMX144 with buffer RAM, it was working very well, but today, impossible to get it.
I am working with Ver 5.04.18 on MMX144 (may be there is better version at today ?)
OPTION LCDPANEL SSD1963_4_16,L is working well (so PCB, display, connection are ok)
OPTION LCDPANEL SSD1963_4_16_BUFF,L,142 (142, my RD pin) don't work !!
Impossible to remenber how it works ?, using two page ? Display one while charging another one ?
My human EEPROM failed !! please help !!

Joined: 11/12/2012
Location: United Kingdom
Posts: 5688
Posted: 02:24pm 10 Jan 2022
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You are confusing two things. Check the manual which I attach

Micromite eXtreme Manual.pdf

  Quote  OPTION LCDPANEL SSD1963_4_16_BUFF, orientation, [,RD pin]
Selects  16-bit bus operation  of the 4.3" SSD1963 display using a memory framebuffer for improved performance. This uses 255K of memory leaving 213K for user programs
Not available on the Micromite eXtreme64

  Quote  OPTION AUTOREFRESH mode When using buffered driver TFT drivers this command controls when screen updates take place. When autorefresh is "ON" updates take place immediately. When autorefresh is "OFF" updates take place in the framebuffer and are only written to the screen when autorefresh is next turned "ON"


Sets the 4.3" SSD1963 display up in 480 x 864 (landscape or reverse landscape) or 864x480  (portrait or reverse portrait) pixel mode. The screen viewport is 480x272 or 272x480 and the position of the viewport is controlled by GUI STARTLINE n. This mode of operation allows display updates to be done on a non-visible part of the graphics memory and then the viewport moved to see the updated image. The 4P display controller is fully compatible with TOUCH, MOUSE, CURSOR  and  GUI controls

It is on my list to do a firmware update for the MMX - one day
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Joined: 30/03/2018
Location: France
Posts: 15
Posted: 05:33pm 10 Jan 2022
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Thanks Matherp,

everything ok now :
working on Ver 5.04.14
not working on Ver 5.04.18 !!
(i have also 5.04.16 and 5.04.19, i will check and tell you)

many thanks
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