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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : CMM2: Z80 Simulator Running CP/M 2.2

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Joined: 13/02/2015
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Posted: 04:45pm 22 Sep 2022
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  GerryL said  Attached is a zip file of a Z80 Simulator for the CMM2 I have been playing around with that others of my vintage may find interesting.  This will also run CP/M 2.2 which was originally placed in the public domain in 2001 (reconfirmed and clarified in July 2022)
Note this is a simulator and not an emulator so I have not covered off on some of the hardware and it will ONLY run the Zilog ‘documented’ instructions. Can be run with or without a mouse. The CP/M side is using the original Digital Research assembly files dated Jan and Feb of 1980.
To assemble the CP/M files and build some testers I wrote a Windows Console macro assembler that I have included. The macro assembler is based on Digital Research’s 1980 CP/M Macro Assembler Manual. This will assemble both 8080/85 and Z80 instruction mnemonics.

Any chance of seeing CP/M 3.0 Banked version running on this or isn't there enough memory for at least two 64K banks?

Joined: 24/01/2019
Location: Australia
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Posted: 05:01am 23 Sep 2022
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Apologies for that missing ‘THEN’, not sure what happened there as it will definitely fail without it.  Also, on fixing that I noted that for some reason a critical line was commented out in the CASE CPM_SETSEC which caused havoc with CP/M. That was reinstated, and as a double check I have extracted all the files from the attached updated zip and loaded them onto my CMM2 and everything seems to work correctly now so hopefully all should be good. I’m at a loss why these two errors crept into the zipped version, but I note the older I get (I'm 71) the more often these types of things happen to me.

Let me know if you have any further issues.

There would be plenty of memory for 2 banks but unfortunately, I can’t see myself tackling CP/M 3 anywhere in the near future as I have too many projects currently on the boil.

Updated ZIP

CMM2 Z80.zip


Joined: 01/07/2022
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Posted: 07:51pm 23 Sep 2022
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  TrevorC said  Hi. I am having problems with running Z80CPM22.bas.

The OPTION to create the controls needs to be OPTION MAXCTRLS 120

Then when I select LOAD CP/M I get an error.. https://vidmateapp.win/homepage/

Error in line 527 : IF without THEN

Can you help me with this error.

Thanks Trevor

Looking for the same heads up ...

Joined: 15/07/2020
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 09:26pm 23 Sep 2022
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Thanks for the prompt reply. Z80CPM22.bas now runs without any errors.

Have managed to load and run MBasic.

Not sure if it's intended but the mouse stops working when running CPM.

Have not had time to try out the Z80 simulator yet.

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