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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : Potentially Dumb Question- Picomite VGA vs Picomite?

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Posted: 07:09am 24 Jan 2023
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I'm trying to follow all these proliferating mites.  Here is what I think I understand

The Picomite has a full featured basic and with 5.07.06 version has a robust file system.  The code in this version runs on one of the two pico processors and the second is essentially idle.

The Picomite VGA has the same basic language features as above but use the second processor and some port pins to implement a VGA output and a PS2 keyboard input.  The VGA and the KB run on the second processor so take up no resources from the main processor running the basic interpreter.

Is this correct?

Can I use the Picomite VGA and just not enable the KB and display and have a Picomite?

What is the "cost" in resources of the VGA version.  It sounds like there is no "cost" in terms of basic language execution speed.

Thanks for all you efforts all.

John Wettroth

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Posted: 01:42am 25 Jan 2023
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Just realized this thread has been answered - I did not spot the double-post.  
I'll lock this thread, to prevent people doing what I just did!
Smoke makes things work. When the smoke gets out, it stops!
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