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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : Project X - Thank you all!

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Joined: 30/06/2020
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Posted: 08:08pm 22 Mar 2023
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Hello good forum people.

It is (again) time to say thank you. This whole community is great and always helpful. Since I am still not the best programmer when it comes to MMBASIC and often ask beginner questions, my interest in MMBASIC is growing every day. I am a youngster (age 35) and not grown up with BASIC and yet facinated.

Long story short:

Even though I am not that helpful with answering questions about basic, I try my best when it comes to circuit or pcb design - those are my strengths. So you can use my Gerber files and even the raw PCB-files (if there is interest) so you can modify it to suit your needs.

In another topic the question came up for an audio power amplifier and problems with noise.

I made a short YouTube video

showing you:

- Power amplifier IC "LM4871M" and the sound vs. volume with pico (no static or clicking noise at all)
- The current draw of the pico (overclocked to 252000) in idle and with full volume

I've been running the Pico with keyboard attached, a Vacuum Fluorecence Display at full brightness & the amplifier at full blast.

The point is just to get an idea of the volume and sound quality you can get (or expect).
Peter mentioned to integrate an audio amplifier in his PCB, my answer is: "go for it!" :)

I have really good experience with this chip and setup.

My plan with this PCB project and the attached VFD is to have an "alround" PicoMite, which can be a base for all kind of projects. This is why I call this interation of PicoMiteVGA "Project X".

3 Buttons, a VF-Display (cool retro stlye) an integrated amplifier with speaker and the GPIOs are INTERNAL for a good reason. I left much space so one can integrate additional PCBs.

On the backside panel I left two "expansion module" slots, so you can mount whatever you want into / onto it. I already built a radiation counter with a geiger tube; this is one application, for example, to fit in.


Case: I used the bigger brother of the "offical" picoMite enclosure called "Gainta G716". It is good available, even in europe (tme.eu).

VFD: Samsung HCS-12SS59T VFDisplay (available at Pollin.de for just 1.75€)

Speaker: "MATSUsh*tA Kleinlautsprecher G7D506B2 " (available at Pollin.de for just 0.95€)

May all this inspire you for own projects, I've attached you all my design files here, even the raw PCB files, so you can modify it of course:


Big thank you for beeing so kind and helpful!

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Joined: 16/09/2019
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Posted: 09:30am 23 Mar 2023
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Thanks for sharing Daniel, it's very pretty.

I'm just looking at how to source the bits (out of Chinesium so I don't have to pay stupid money for processed sand) for your audio train so I can build it as an alternative/comparison to the PAM8403 one.

Best wishes,

Game*Mite, CMM2 Welcome Tape, Creaky old text adventures
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