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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : Greek Characters on the CMM2

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Joined: 05/02/2022
Location: Australia
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Posted: 11:15pm 23 Mar 2023
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Dear Members,

Can you define some of the char set to generate greek char’s. Probably some sort of font editor.

Kind Regards



Joined: 07/08/2011
Location: Australia
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Posted: 01:42am 24 Mar 2023
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You can create any character you want.
I use FontTweak but I am biased.
It is available from my website.
Direct link:
Windows only for now.
I will produce a Linux version 'eventually'

MMedit   MMBasic Help


Joined: 18/09/2020
Location: Czech Republic
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Posted: 09:32am 24 Mar 2023
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Or Simpled directly on CMM2:

SimplEd info

SimplEd GitHub
Napoleon Commander and SimplEd for CMM2 (GitHub),  CMM2.fun
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