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Forum Index : Microcontroller and PC projects : Armmite F4 LCD interface PCB

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Posted: 07:22pm 03 Nov 2023
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It wouldn't be the first time I'd got connector hole sizes wrong. :( I'm not sure if you'll get them to fit - the hole size  used is 0.72mm. I've checked and I'd enlarged it to 1mm on the SSD1963 prototypes. I'll correct it in the Gerber files. Unfortunately drilling them out probably isn't an option on double sided an multi-layer  boards.

I keep getting tripped up by this because SL6 defaults to 0.72mm for headers. That's fine for female headers but not for many male ones. You'd think I'd learn. :(


Hydra 40-80.zip
This is now a Revision A board. Since the prototype I'd re-done it to make it double sided rather than multi-layer. It may be slightly cheaper now. I've just increased the connector hole diameters for all male headers.
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