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Joined: 22/10/2018
Location: Australia
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Posted: 07:45pm 22 Oct 2018
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I recently put a small pcb project together and have had a company create the PCB gerber files for me.
From here i don't know what step is next to get the PCB built. I'm an electrician and i would be ordering more and more over time. This is a hobby at the moment so i need a prototype to try out and see if its viable. Do you do this or know of anyone that does?
it involves a 3G/4g GSM module, a battery back up ( I hope can be in built) and a sensor to detect power. I dont really know how the process works.
Thanks! Phil


Joined: 03/01/2018
Location: Australia
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Posted: 07:03am 23 Oct 2018
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Hi Phil, Welcome

Checkout this post. It may help. Others may chime in with better advice


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Joined: 20/06/2011
Location: Australia
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Posted: 12:03am 24 Oct 2018
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Hi Phil,

I use Shenzhen2U.com

Its $9.90US for PCBs upto 10cm x 10cm and you get 10 panels of each.

Cheapa$$ postage to AUS is typically around $11US so it works out about $30Aus all up..

Expect about 1 month delivery though altough I have had 12 days and also about 6 weeks..

You can pay extra for expedited manufacture and delivery but that is up to you.

Kind Regards,

Mick's uMite Stuff can be found >>> HERE (Kindly hosted by Dontronics) <<<
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