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Joined: 31/05/2018
Location: Australia
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Posted: 08:45pm 03 Jan 2019
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I have a project with a 44 pin Micromite Chip.
I also have a level sensor that uses a comm port.

I am after some code/guidance on how to proceed.

The net result will be the level will sit in a variable.

I assume that somehow I have to initially open the comm port and then
assign a Pin to the variable.

Thanks in advance


Joined: 18/12/2014
Location: Australia
Posts: 844
Posted: 10:46pm 03 Jan 2019
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Have a look at this thread. its about receiving data on a comm port and putting it into a variable.
You will need to know what speed it comes in at or try different speeds if unknown and understand how the message is formatted.

receiving from a comm port


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