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Joined: 20/06/2011
Location: Australia
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Posted: 01:58am 07 Feb 2019
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Hi All,

I often watch Bigclive.com video clips for some technical based entertainment..

I have just watched this DiY Security light Clip and I was amazed at the method Clive used to create what I consider excellent PCBs.

The clip goes for about 43minutes but the PCB making is from about 6m30 to around the 18min mark..

Anyway I was quite impressed with this.

Kind Regards,

Mick's uMite Stuff can be found >>> HERE (Kindly hosted by Dontronics) <<<


Joined: 03/01/2018
Location: Australia
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Posted: 01:04pm 09 Feb 2019
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Certainly uses interesting methods. I'll need to watch the video a few more times to get used to his accent & try to understand what he says in places.

Good idea just using a smaller piece of the expensive film taped to a sheet of paper. I've done a similar thing with photo paper that won't pull through the printer.


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