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Forum Index : PCB Manufacturing : Help with Circuit Maker please.

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Joined: 31/10/2011
Location: Australia
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Posted: 01:42am 09 Aug 2019
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Silicon Chip (see Jan & July 2019 issues) recommended the free version of the Altium CircuitMaker software for producing "Schematics" & PCBs.

After much frustration, (that I won't bore you with) I managed to produce a Schematic & a PCB.
I ran the Design Rules & Violations & a list of the violations appeared.

I have asked the relevant questions on a screen print of a part of the list & the PCB.
I have included them in the attached .pdf. Please read them & comment.

As this is only a once off (I only want 8 PCBs manufactured professionally - PCBs only, I'll mount the components.case, I don't want buy proper PCB software.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Circuit Maker questions.pdf

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Joined: 28/07/2019
Location: United States
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Posted: 02:05am 09 Aug 2019
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One thing that I found out early on was that you pretty much have to shop for a board maker that accepts files in the format that you want to use. So for Eagle, you have to find an Eagle shop. For Kicad, a Kicad shop.

So if you want to continue using Altium, then look for a company that will make boards from those files. They will also know where to steer you in fixing you files.
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