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Forum Index : PCB Manufacturing : Trouble in China for Taiwanese companies

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Joined: 07/09/2016
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 03:04pm 28 Sep 2021
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It has been on the cards for a long time what with China having a cold war with Taiwan.

Unfortunately the article doesn't name the Taiwanese companies affected... "government lead power cuts" - cute

"Taiwan PCB firms asked to halt production in China"

bit of background
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Joined: 03/06/2019
Location: Australia
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Posted: 07:29am 29 Sep 2021
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This will only result in more product shortages and disruption to supply chains. I think we are in for a rough ride with many things. Can't even buy farm and other machinery ATM and companies I have spoken to are talking about many months wait.  Some aren't even taking orders because they have no idea when they are going to fill the huge backlog they already have. Even the very few that are localy or non Chynaah made all use some part or another that is either made in or from Chynaah supplied materials.

The west has placed itself in a very precarious position with it's reliability on near everything coming from Chynaah.

When we get into a disagreement with them, I and many others will be in a bad way quite quickly.  All my medications come from Chynaah and without it, I'll be stuffed in a few months at best.  No one else makes it or any substitute. I Imagine Millions in this country will be in the same boat.
How could we let ourselves become so Vulnerable? It's Nuts.  US, UK, Canada and many others are all the same.  No problem doing things but because it can be made 2 cent's Cheaper in Chynaah, it's all farmed out for more profit.
They wouldn't have to fire a shot to take over half the world and bing those they wanted to take over to their knees in months.

By the same token, I can well see power cuts coming here in the near future with this " Unreliable Energy" Virtue signalling crap that's all the rage ATM.
Lets further take away our one independence and keeping the money in the country and rely on more Chynaah made supplies that they can cut off any time.

 Anyone that has done anything off grid knows how fickle the weather can be and one only has to look at their rooftop solar  to see the same thing.

Cloudy and Drizzling here today.  I was out the back about 2 PM and looked at my inverters. One was doing 183W, the other was doing 157w. Yesterday being much clearer although not perfect, they were still both churning out 3 KW+ EACH.  You can't allow for a 16x or so drop in output by over building.  As for wind, It's been DEAD calm all day. Quite nice actually but I'd hate to be relying on wind and solar today to supply my power.  

I have a 270W panel I have been playing with propped up against a post outside the verandah. With it's less than perfect tilt and Orientation it was doing 8.X A into the little battery I was running a fan off for a load last few days. When I looked at it today, the little controller was flickering around 4-5W with the same load running and going back to the battery when I turned it off. 22 X less than what it was doing yesterday.

If a solar farm produced even 5 Mw and wanted to allow for this type of weather to maintain output, building it 20X oversize doesn't sound cheap. Of course you can build something like pumped Hydro for storage for a Billion or so but even that is going to be lucky to partially power 1 City for one day and as they are predicting this weather for the next 4 days here, even a simpleton like me can see there is going to be a rather serious shortfall.

I also notice the Grid voltage is down to, shock, horror, almost where it is supposed to be for once and there is virtually no load here in the house and it's a bit early for the evening peak.

One thing to have your back feeding solar down, completely another to have an entire grid dependent on the weather. Not much on history but pretty sure that's why they went  from water wheels and wind to the industrial age way back when.  Reliable, on demand coal power changed the world. Now it seems that bit of history is forgotten and we have become hell bent on going backwards.

Mate in California tells me they have " Rolling Cutbacks"  ( Blackouts) every day  for well over a year now.  He's scared to start his work in case there is a blackout and he's stuck. They give no notice as to what areas will be cut when and there is no pattern to it. Apparently they think it's more " Fair" if it's random.   He's an industrial artist I spose you'd say and his Different processes have to be done start to finish in one go.... Just like a steel mill and many other industries, power goes out half way through and it can cost Millions to repair the damage and get the plant back up again.

I hope this Unreliable energy crap will be woken up to soon but I severely doubt it.
Australia Contributes something like .4% of the worlds total emissions so ruining the country even more isn't going to make diddly squat difference to the virtue signalling  goal in any case.
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