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Forum Index : PCB Manufacturing : 44-pin PIC32MX170F256D

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Joined: 18/10/2019
Location: New Zealand
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Posted: 12:26am 14 Apr 2023
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Has anyone created a part for the 44 pin micromite for AutoTRAX.  If not, is there a bit of a tutorial on creating new parts anywhere?
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Joined: 20/06/2011
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Posted: 04:13am 16 Apr 2023
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Hi SYM-1,

Here is one I did a long time ago,


I never actually used the part and it is only in its most basic rudimentary design and has only pin numbers not pin names and I am unsure if it has a 3d Model associated with it (not needed its just eye-candy).

Hopefully the part is correct but I cant take responsibility for its accuracy.

I advise you to use the part and check dimensions and pin numbering carefully.

I `think' it is OK but not having used it in a design I need you to check it before you commit to copper.

Kind Regards,

Mick's uMite Stuff can be found >>> HERE (Kindly hosted by Dontronics) <<<
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