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Forum Index : PCB Manufacturing : AutoTRAX DEX Tips and ideas

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Joined: 12/05/2012
Location: Thailand
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Posted: 04:51am 20 Jun 2018
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Hi plover,

I did not get the castellated edges as they were very expensive. (about 100USD more for an order)

If your quantity is high enough then it might be worth while.
I did not check prices recently, it can be a lot cheaper then about 2 years ago.

Microblocks. Build with logic.

Senior Member

Joined: 18/04/2013
Location: Australia
Posts: 289
Posted: 03:31pm 20 Jun 2018
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I had been pondering over have these could be mass produced without affecting cost. Even worse I was thinking about have this done within a circular hole.

It is out of the question for me with a high cost.

Thanks for the information though.
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