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Forum Index : Windmills : New Set of Blades Required

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Posted: 06:01am 19 Jul 2019
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G'day Guy's,
A couple of weeks ago we had a huge gale pass thru the farm and when I got home from work looking up to the shed it looked like the blades were going that fast but with no noise a closer look found the blades were gone.

Found the blades on the hill about 50 metres away from the shed and the blades had broken in two snapping off about 12" from the tip. Now as the blades on the tower had close to 14" clearance from the tower and there is no signs of the blades hitting the tower.

So could the cause of failure been from over speeding and the loading on the blades, my wife did say the wind gennie was going faster than she had ever seen too.

Now the blades were 2 metre diameter and made from pine which I know isn't the best wood to use. They did last a couple of years too so it wasn't a bad run for them. The ones I'm making now are 2.4 metre diameter which should load the F&P better.

The F&P I'm using is the same one I had up a decade ago which is a 100 series original with no wiring mod's setup in Delta and each phase has a bank of 4 400 volt 460uf caps in series. The caps are back to back and as the uf is halved having another pair in series gets it back to 460uf which I have found to the best cap match for the F&P. In fact this is the setup Gordon came up to see all those years ago too.

Cheers Bryan
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