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Forum Index : Windmills : treadmill motor

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Joined: 13/09/2019
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 11:50am 22 Sep 2019
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i just thought i share my treadmill motor that i removed from an old treadmill that was dumped on the road, i then used that motor to create a vawt https://youtu.be/a9nHPzdvpbM for the swivel i just use a office chair and it works a treat

i then wanted to see how it would behave with 4 bigger blades and was quite surprised how well it did,https://youtu.be/zm8yRIWonJI with 4 blades its easire for the turbine to start but in high winds i noticed that the leading blade will create turbulence for the next approaching blade so please bear that in mind when building your own turbines, i then went for a 3 bladed model and i am happy with the outcome since it actually starts working when there is good wind and enough power there to charge my batteries and in my later stage in my progression to feed my grid tied inverter.

when connecting the turbine to the battery you WILL NEED A DIODE which will stop your battery bank powering your motor think of it as a one way valve power will only travel one way

hope you enjoy i am here to help fellow wind turbine enthusiasts, and although i don't know everything i do have a few years under my belt and some lessons learnt along the way.

have fun and post here your projects

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