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Forum Index : Windmills : AMETEK 30V wonderfull motor for turbine

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Joined: 13/09/2019
Location: United Kingdom
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Posted: 08:09pm 02 Oct 2019
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Hi fellas
I had a message about my ametek 30v and the build and let me see if i can answer it as best as i can.

AMETEK a while back were like golddust everyone wanted one because they were solid built and put out alot of amps with little rotational speed, so of I went and bought one from America and decided to break a swivel chair as usual for the frame of the turbine and within days my ametek arrived, I machined a collet and a hub for it and placed PVC pipes on it below is a video of me mounting the tail .https://youtu.be/OGx6k4qDBOg

I loved the performance of it but after a few weeks one of the blades broke one of my neighbours used his football and broke it in half, being a carpenter and joiner i though let me make my own blades out of wood and i felt in love with the process and loved the outcome https://youtu.be/RvC2mDBVJcg here is another video of the wooden blades in action https://youtu.be/OGx6k4qDBOg .

Again because of it being a DC motor you will require a diode in line otherwise it will spin the motor as soon as you touch the batteries with the cables, just a safety precaution, good luck with your projects

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