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Joined: 14/09/2005
Location: Australia
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Posted: 12:01am 03 Jan 2021
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Do you remember your first carving of blades ??

This is mine ,,, pieces of Oregon pine beams from the fire destroyed wool stores in Darling Harbour ,Sydney Aust. around ,maybe 1970 or someone will know the date.

Marked out to minimise the knot bits to be discarded , then started with a planer , and big sander .

 hours later they were finished . I still have them ,a couple 2-3 inches off the tips through a horrific storm they somehow survived ,so will refinish them and they will get a chance to fly again...




Joined: 01/09/2020
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Posted: 02:54pm 05 Jan 2021
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I can't say I do...
Off grid man caver
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Posted: 10:57pm 18 Jan 2021
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The first blades I ever carved were a 2-blade prop on a picnic table one summer day.  I did it all with hand tools, no particular plan.  I put a carriage bolt thru the center and mounted it on a plank out an open window on the end of our barn.  It spun like crazy for a long time.  I was quite proud.


Joined: 23/10/2015
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Posted: 06:06pm 19 Jan 2021
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Early April 2007.

My first set of 3.7m dia blades, Cedar, to Hugh Piggotts design profile.

This set is still up and pumping out the power.

Mrs awaiting a aeroplane to attach, haha.!

Everything is possible, just give me time.

3 HughP's 3.7m Wind T's (12 years). 5kW PV on 3 Trackers, (8 yrs). 9kW PV AC coupled SH GTI's. OzInverter created Grid. 1300ah 48v.
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