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Forum Index : Windmills : Bryan's 4Kw Motor conversion named The Beast

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Joined: 22/02/2006
Location: Australia
Posts: 949
Posted: 06:54am 06 Aug 2022
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G'day Guy's,
           Well over a decade I started this project where I scored a 4Kw motor that had water damage. It didn't matter to me as all the winding were taken out and warmed up several times to ensure the motor was free of any moisture.

Using an old Warman Pump shaft I made a new rotor and put 22 N50 16x13mm round Neo's in  each of 4 poles. The magnets are on a 10 degree skew to eliminate cogging and after the one wire test 3 in hand 1mm wire was put in the motor, now the amount of turns etc was lost on a forum many years ago.

Doing a lathe test several times showed the same or close result, the VFS for the lathe in 5:1 back gear complained of over current and with wild AC going thru an old 100 amp bridge rectifier that let the magic smoke out after the fourth test.

I was using 2 truck batteries in series for 24 volts and saw at 240 RPM a flash of 85-92 amps.

Then it has just sat in the corner until now when i do think it's time to get this project in the air.

Here is the planned site which is on the right of the pic where the top of the hill is.

here is a pic of the conversion

Now in order to fully test this project I'm going to use my 16HP Listeroid engine and I have designed a variable speed drive so i can go from cutin to shutdown where the disk brake will be engaged.

Once the data can be collected off the test run the blade size and wire thickness run can be deterimed.

I do intend to process some redgum on my farm for blades as I do think the hard wood will stand the test of time.

This will be a down wind turbine and the end goal is to prove I can make a wind turbine that can face the harse elements of this country and provide power for off grid systems and provide live data as well as a base station.

Cheers Bryan


Joined: 31/12/2016
Location: Australia
Posts: 687
Posted: 08:12am 07 Aug 2022
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Nice site up there on the hill, You have more room in your shed than me.
Cheers Aaron
Off The Grid
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