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Forum Index : Windmills : Need help with Telnet activation under Win10

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Frank N. Furter

Joined: 28/05/2012
Location: Germany
Posts: 815
Posted: 12:45pm 16 Feb 2023
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First: I have NEVER worked with Telnet.  

- I have WLAN enabled (can see the neighbor's network).
- Under Windows Features I have enabled Telnet
- Raspberry Pico W was flashed with "2023-02-15_193513_PicoMiteWebV5.07.07a16" and "OPTION TELNET CONSOLE ON" was executed
- Raspberry Pico W hangs on separate power supply and flashes
- When I enter "telnet" in the console, I get the error message: "Could not connect to host, on port 23: connection error"

Also when I start TeraTerm (with the INI from Peter) I get the error message: "Connection timed out".

What am I doing wrong???  



Double Post...
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