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Forum Index : Windmills : 80 2x7 delta rewire

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Joined: 20/02/2023
Location: New Zealand
Posts: 1
Posted: 03:12am 20 Feb 2023
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hi there
does anyone have a diagram to rewire a smartdrive 42 pole 80 series to
80 2x7 delta
i have been reading up on powerspout ect and by the look at 1532rpm on a hydro unit this should produce 1160w is that correct?

open to any thoughts or suggestions on this,
seems the link on here to the rewire page is not currently working for me.

i have a couple of options wired up at the moment 42 pole 7x2c delta and 42 pole 7x2c star
the install location is remote so wanted to be covered .

Willis Inc.

Joined: 20/03/2023
Location: United States
Posts: 1
Posted: 07:50pm 20 Mar 2023
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Search this site for (F&P stator rewiring). That has the info your looking for.
Good luck.
Edited 2023-03-21 06:32 by Willis Inc.
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