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Forum Index : Windmills : Universal DC to DC SMPS

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Joined: 14/05/2023
Location: Nigeria
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Posted: 10:19am 26 May 2023
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Hello Great Minds!, Let's talk about DC- DC to Fly-back SMPS in detail and possible solution to it.

I came across the attached universal SMPS schematic. This smps design is for 3 Interleaved MPPT Solar Charger controller with auto select VDC (12-48vdc). Two output of 12vdc and isolated 21V max.

Getting Stuck

I tired building this with it limited winding turns given but their was no output. It was design to accept input vdc from 12v to 48v without changing any components or winding.

What will i do to make it work?

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how times flies
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