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Forum Index : Windmills : Advert-Oz Wind 2kW vs Exmork / Huaya 2kW

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Joined: 20/11/2011
Location: New Zealand
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Posted: 08:55pm 02 Jan 2017
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Phill, Where have I written flack about your blades??? nowhere, not on youtube, I said the diffrent outputs have nothing to do with blades,and that is correct.
I have simply stated what I saw with your youtube vid, an observation of the output of both turbines at same rpm,IM NOT TALKING ABOUT YOUR BLADES Phill, , they are as you say a proven design, thats why we ordered some. Fred

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Joined: 25/11/2014
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Posted: 09:04pm 02 Jan 2017
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Hi Phill

I fully except your detailed description of your full setup, which goes a long way to explain our observations of what has been seen in the YouTube video.

This sort of thing goes both ways, so please give that one some deeper thought for future reference.

Lets leave it there, like you say.

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There are realities if you do not accept, will lead to frustration because you will be spending time on wrong assumptions and the results cannot follow! The Dunning Kruger Effect :)

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Posted: 09:46am 02 Jul 2019
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  briggsy said   Hi everyone,
I have a similar chinese turbine which I've had in the air for about 3 years now(in South Gippsland Victoria) For those earlier posts asking about the pivoting tail I've posted some video on youtube which shows the tail pivoting in high wind. There's also a couple of shots of the controller and inverter to show output.


Hi everyone,

Same Chinese turbine operating in the South-East of Romania for a few months now.

1.5 kw nominal power. I had to make the tail boom longer (about 50-60 cm longer) and I increased the surface of the tail vane in order to make it more stable and now produces over 2 kw of power in high winds:




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