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Forum Index : Electronics : What epoxy are you guys using for your torroid builds

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Posted: 01:03pm 24 Nov 2019
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As stated on the previous page Transformer spray enamel is the first layer the second layer is brushed on fiberglass resin

When done this way a Transformer or a choke is absolutely silent

it's encapsulated in resin and does not vibrate

I've watched videos on factories winding Transformers

That isn't how they are done on here

I've watched videos of circuit boards being made

That's not how it's done on here either

Do you think that I didn't research how wire is enameled in a factory

Do you think I didn't read the side of the can of the Transformer spray I bought

You're a real funny guy you know that

There is Factory ways of doing things and then there is the backshed way of doing things

You know using the things that you can get your hands on or can afford and making them work

The above statement was made for people that couldn't afford to buy new enameled wire

If you tried it you might just think

this is a lot better than a really thin coating the factory puts on

I am trying not to meet your friend Murphy

I like my way so well I have decided to do all of my Transformers and chokes

I think hearing my Transformer or choke hum is a bad idea if I can do something about it

I think that the fiberglass epoxy makes a real good insulator

Others might come up with something better or longer-lasting

By all means new would be better if it's coated with something so it doesn't vibrate

By the way look up the way the Step Down Transformer that is outside of your home is made

Then you can go tell them there's only one way to insulate wire on a Transformer

I like your name by the way I I'm sure it suits you very well
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