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Forum Index : Electronics : Universal inverter wi fi board

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Joined: 16/02/2019
Location: United States
Posts: 850
Posted: 12:33am 27 Apr 2020
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I would like to have Wi-Fi on my large china board inverter

It would be nice to be able to turn it off and on from my phone

I would also like to see battery voltage ac voltage and watts being used used

If that wasn't enough I dont want to have to down load and install software

I still haven't installed software on my two poida Nano control boards

I have no computer and my internet service
sucks I do have good service at the bus

My son has a laptop that needs reloaded

he does not have a legal copy of Microsoft

Back in the day when we were repairing computers there was a operating system called lindos

I think it was Linux that mimic windows

If anyone has information on that it would also be appreciated

Bill Gates wasn't very nice to my business partners and I back in the day we got a cease-and-desist letter

I'm definitely not paying for any Microsoft software

Bus is parked at one of staregaser's rental propertys a mile or two from my house

I left the solar system on every sense I installed it

The renters and maintenance "Robbie"
use it for the many power outages

Staregazer had no choice I moved Robbie
from mowing grass to maint.

It is his business but Amber can be the biggest _____!

I am disabled and staregaser myself and Amber had done it even though both times I had cancer!

Staregaser didn't go to college he stayed home put his life off to care for his mother

He could have done anything very book smart and had money saved for college

The 100 grand he saved and earned himself wasn't earning anything after 08

Me and Amber talked staregazer into starting this business around ten years ago

He now has over 20 rentals and a small trailer park he owns all trailers also

His mother passed away before she passed away his oldest brother could not take care of his self

Yep Staregaser built a big nice apartment
for him beside his dad because his dad is so old he also needs help

By this time staregaser is close to 40
no wife no kids

Between his crazy bother and dad that still alive because the devil doesn't want him he can't keep a  girlfriend

All this time and before financially making sure his two best friends don't lose their kids

Driving a vehicle that is  embarrassing
best friend refuses for him to buy new truck he has been drooling over for last 4 years

He is taking care of his family plus every day playing with and being the best uncle ever

He finally meet a wonderful Christian untouched school teacher

I posted pics of wedding shortly after that I tell him it is time he earned it

I have no legal rights to anything!

He now has wonderful wife a brand new 4 door over 60 grand tuck that will stop and park and drive itself nice big home planning out his dream home a business with less debt than we started business with a 400 acre farm with a two story with basement house that never been lived in
and best of all a maint.man lol

I know this is not the best place to post this but with all the bad lately I thought it may be nice to hear about the good guy winning in the end

I have a powerjack inverter a could and probably will buy Sean's wi fi board for

I would like to be able to use the big China board inverter all you guys helped me with

I have dogs so I have to be able to  monitor my inverter when not at bus

I trust and highly appreciate the opinions on this form way way way more than any advertisement or reading about a product

When most people speak on this site you can take it to the bank and that's peace of mind!!
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Joined: 31/12/2016
Location: Australia
Posts: 345
Posted: 09:59am 27 Apr 2020
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I can't help with WiFi, but if you have a computer/laptop to use, you could get Ubuntu installed on it on its own HDD (no other system drive installed) a friend could help with this.

Then install the Arduino IDE, instructions for Ubuntu are on the website.
There may be a few little things to do to get the ports to work for the Arduino nano, but I'm sure others here could help with this.
Then with a few more steps then you are on your way to programming the Nano.
There are other options, but its not a big jump from windows to Ubuntu especially just for this and web use.
I still have a win7 computer but I will not let it connect to the net.
Hope this helps.
Cheers Aaron
Off The Grid

Joined: 16/02/2019
Location: United States
Posts: 850
Posted: 07:57pm 28 Apr 2020
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Thanks Revlac I looked up a few videos showing that operating system

It seems to be what I was looking for

I do have a few more questions

Anyone all comments and experiences
are apritiateed

Does this OS have generic drivers for most common hardware video card sound card ext.

If so are thay automatically detected and installed with the OS

Is it compatible with the programmes
and hardware used by the people on this site

I apritiate all you guys on this site

Have a blessed day


Joined: 02/02/2017
Location: Australia
Posts: 758
Posted: 10:16pm 28 Apr 2020
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Hi Ben,
I also think ubuntu is what will be best for you with an old laptop.

As for data/control of inverter over wifi...

If it was me, we would get a watt meter from china, that sends out pulses 1 pulse per watt hour. That will tell us the power the inverter is producing.
And an ESP32 based microcontroller. Now we have wifi and the Arduino software can program it.

hook up the inverter output through the watt meter, two wires to the ESP32 and give it 5V power.
Switching on/off of the inverter will be done with a MOSFET, driven by the 3.3V logic output of the ESP32. The inverter on/off is a 12V DC input, referenced to battery ground (negative) Any logic level MOSFET will do.

The software will count the watt meter pulses and record how many per minute.
This will give us power output and we can keep a running total of this and get energy delivered too. One digital output will control the inverter on/off.

There is plenty of memory in the ESP32 for a simple web based interface, to be accessed by the mobile phone. (both the ESP32 AND the phone need to be connected to a wifi modem or something)

the watt meter is this:

an ESP32 I would get is one of these

look after yourselves.
wronger than a phone book full of wrong phone numbers


Joined: 31/12/2016
Location: Australia
Posts: 345
Posted: 09:12am 29 Apr 2020
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Hi Ben

Yes, so far I have not had to load any hardware drivers from a disc, Must have spent hours doing that with Win.
I have been using 16.04 and 18.04.4 the latest version might have a few more fetchers.

Yes, its compatible with most hardware that I am aware of

Yes, most is auto detected and installed with the OS

It works well on this site and there is enough compatible programs to do these tasks...good enough I think anyway.

Just beware that if you have a Blank drive you want to install to, and a drive with Win on it, it usually stuffs up the MBR on the Win Drive, Many people stuffed up that part including ME..
For a new user, its good practice to unplug or remove the Windows drive before installing another OS.
Hope It works out for you.
Cheers Aaron
Off The Grid
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