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Forum Index : Electronics : Mini inverter project - testing the 4 Fet inverter board

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Joined: 19/05/2020
Location: Australia
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Posted: 09:21am 19 May 2020
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Hello everyone! New user here, so still getting the hang of using the forum.

There have been a couple threads posted already, discussing the $30 EGS002 inverter board that can be purchased from ebay, but I'd like to compile a list of useful information on these products (functions of certain I/O plugs, potentiometers, ect...).

It seems to me that these boards could have real potential to make useful-sized inverters (with some work of course), so I have gone and purchased one of them to experiment with. I will document my work as I go.

Joined: 09/08/2007
Location: Australia
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Posted: 10:05am 19 May 2020
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Welcome to the Forum rbutl61.
You have definitely come to the right place, you will find plenty of help here.

Check out poster "Madness" he can supply blank circuit boards that many people here have used to build some very successful inverters.
Cheers, Tony.
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