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Forum Index : Electronics : Simple mono/stereo audio mixer circuit

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Joined: 09/08/2007
Location: Australia
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Posted: 11:06pm 08 Apr 2021
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You beat me to it InPhase.

Cyber, it depends where your main interests lie. I am just the opposite, electronics design is my field, and software is something I very rarely do, and a skill I have no real interest in cultivating.

I have worked with some brilliant software guys as part of a large team, and I just let them do their own thing which they seem more than happy to do, and leave all the hardware to me, which I am happy with as well.

One job I had, we had a professional mathematician on the team. I have heard they are a rather strange lot these mathematicians, and this one was a bit odd too.

He did not "do" software, but would come up with algorithms that nobody but he could understand.
The software guys would code it up and run it with some truly amazing results.
Its all being part of a team and working together, and some great and truly wonderful  things can be accomplished.

Another very important part of the team were the design draftsmen in the drawing office.
I was not allowed to do circuit board layouts, and those guys did a much better job than I could have done anyway.  
So the trick is, do what you really enjoy doing, and become REALLY good at it, and leave the rest to the experts. Nobody can do it all to the highest standards.
Cheers,  Tony.

Senior Member

Joined: 13/01/2019
Location: Ukraine
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Posted: 02:59am 09 Apr 2021
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You are right, Tony. I totally agree with you.

Software development is my main skill. It's my job and I do it for living. I like my job and I'm developing my skill everyday.

Electronics is hobby which I discovered not so long ago. I just can't explain in, but soldering components together, and watching them do something afterwards gives me a great joy! Even if it's simple things.

When I first heard about Arduino several years ago, I thought I need to check it out, but I just didn't. Later I heard about Maximite (and Micromite) and I fell in love with them from the first sight. Experimenting with controlling modules led me to electronics, and to its vast and yet unexplored world.

Then I bought different stuff like some more soldering irons, prototyping boards, PCB holders, different components, etc. Now together with microcontrollers this is my joyful hobby!

And huge thank you to all the members of The Back Shed forums for helping making my hobby even more joyful!
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