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Forum Index : Electronics : Inverter building using Wiseguys Power board and the Nano drive board

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Posted: 03:43am 21 May 2024
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For anyone interested in uploading HEX code files to the Nano, user -dex- pointed me to an even simpler program then the one I posted, it's an older program and a really  simple interface, which saved me writing one once I saw this.

Again, using a version of the program up-loader that comes with the Arduino IDE, this version however - had no trouble with the last 4 Nano boards I purchased, go figure.

The program is called Xloader, I modified the Nano selection and it clearly gives you the selections for: Nano ATmega328 New BootLdr or Old BooLdr, both links are below.

X loader with Nano select mod.

Github download for Xloader Click on green "<> CODE" button and then download Zip.
It's all too hard.
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