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Forum Index : For Sale : Windmill nearly complete bar painting!

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Posted: 09:16am 24 Apr 2019
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Am clearing out the garage and must sell my beloved Littleford-style mill due to the management wishing to leave our five-acre rural lot with lots of summer easterlies.

Three PVC props, 1300 long, 1470 from tip to shaft. Shaft is a mix of light SS pipe and gal pipe, not a full-round build.

50mm mast ready and 60mm long pipe for further mast. Rudder is ready.

Wire, tensioners and shackles are available, as is extra SS pipe.

Stator is wound for 36V due to a present of a 36V UPS and has not been de-cogged.

Perth pick up only. Make a reasonable offer and the whole box and dice is yours!

Photos will be on Gumtree.
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